Working During this Unprecedented Time Has Taught Me the Need for Financial Independence

I spend about 40 hours a week working in a busy, noisy, stressful, high-end restaurant. We are open during this unprecedented time and I worry. Even though I wear a mask and wash my hands frequently, as days go by, the infection rates spike and I feel unsafe. I’ve realized my vulnerability in having a traditional job. It’s pretty much damned if I do, damned if I don’t. If I work, I risk infection/infecting others. If I don’t work, I lose my job.

As a solution-oriented individual, I’m thinking there’s got to be another way to generate income. Whether it’s a pandemic going on, or simply wanting to travel more, I don’t want to rely on another business to provide my income in trade for my time and my health. Generating income on the Internet has to be a solution.

Think about it. E-commerce sales in the U.S. have risen 14.5% in 20191 and will continue to climb as we move brick and mortar shops to the online space. But I don’t have a product yet. In comes affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is great for beginners starting an online business. It is possible to build an affiliate marketing business around your full-time job so you can realistically transition out of the traditional workplace and into affiliate marketing full-time. By learning how to market other companies you believe in online, you will be able to market your own products and services you believe in as well.

So I start doing research and I quickly become overwhelmed confused about what to market. Let’s be honest, the majority of those who start affiliate marketing fail. Why? Because most people market products they simply can’t relate to. If you care enough about a product or service, you can create value to others, and that folks is how affiliate marketing works at it’s best.

Overcoming the struggle of getting started is not easy. I have to take responsibility for my habits and daily actions (or inactions in this case). I’m responsible for the fact that I rely on another business owner for income and I am responsible to create habits in order to change that. The sacrifice of change is learning new skills, managing my time better, and becoming extremely focused and patient. The benefits of change make me feel empowered, smarter, and more confident.

If I don’t change those time-wasting habits of scrolling and scrolling and binge-watching tv, trying to my hardest to escape, they wind up making me feel like shit (and by shit I mean less confident, powerless, and ignorant). Did watching another episode of The Office for the millionth time or scrolling on Instagram for 2 hours straight do anything for me? Nah.

What helped me the most in starting my affiliate journey was joining the Six Figure Mentors program. SFM is a digital learning and mentor platform designed to help you start your online business with a particular focus on affiliate marketing. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, the founders of SFM, help illuminate your potential in the digital economy by taking you through a proven step-by-step process and setting you up for success. Instead of trying to figure out everything on your own, this will slimline the learning process sharing the know-how of over 10 years of success in the affiliate marketing industry. The process will challenge your mindset and make you think differently about yourself and how you market to others. They are my mentors and they are the people I want influencing me.

I’m going to e-mail you some training videos by these guys, and don’t worry, it’s completely free. And, if you do start your affiliate business, please do me a favor and send this to somebody else that also feels like they have their back against the wall like I did.

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