About Affiliate Strategist

It’s a big world out there on the Internet, and researching the topic “making money online” can be confusing, overwhelming and difficult in finding the “good stuff”.

My name is Natalie and I’ve created Affiliate Strategist to share with you the information that I found to be the most useful when starting an online business.

I have been in the service industry for over a decade and was working long hours and generally dreading going to work. I knew that the idea of trading my time for money wasn’t the smartest use of time, and I was looking for a solution to my problem.

As I started researching, I landed on affiliate marketing as a great segway into the online world.

Here, you can find information on how to strategize your transition from your day job into the online world earning your income doing something more fulfilling and helpful to others and giving you financial and geographical freedom and more time to spend with family and friends too!